Jaguar Cub Painting

Jaguar Cub by Enzie Shahmiri

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Oil on Canvas ~ 24 x 30 inches

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Jaguar Cub Work in Progress 3

©Enzie Shahmiri

I have completely hit a wall with this painting and just can not make up my mind if I like the background to stay light like in the photo below or dark with added foliage as seen on the top. My hubby, who is also my in house critique said to him the light sky looked strange, because he could not see the cub being so high up that only the sky would be visible.

So dutifully I decided to add some brush and that totally did not work either. Then I thought, why not go dark and make the cub stand out against a darker background and just hint at a dar under brush. 

I keep looking at it and it still does not seem right! Which one do you like better? Dark background or the light background. 

Jaguar Cub Work in Progress 2

©Enzie Shahmiri

I love when a painting starts to take shape. The Jaguar cub is starting to take a presence on the canvas and although I still have hours to work on this painting, it is starting to be recognizable as having some weight and strength. I decided to 

write a little tutorial on how to paint fur and will post it as soon as this painting gets further along. 

I am thinking about leaving the wood trunk as more of a drawing - sort of unfinished, what do you think?

Day 2 of a new wild life painting

©Enzie Shahmiri Portraits and Fine Art


I saw a great photo taken by photographer

Angie Bell

of a young Jaguar cub. She took the photos at the San Diego Zoo and I just had to get permission to paint it. This is day two of getting the cub on a

22 x 30 inch canvas.

The markings on the fur are just roughly put in  and a bit of modeling of the body has already taken place. At this stage I just want to get the essential information on the canvas before I start to put more paint on.

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