Herding Dog Portrait


Ellie The Herding Dog

Oil on Canvas

24 x 24 inches


I am a bit behind on posting, but here is the finished portrait of Ellie. The tail ended up being a distraction, therefore it was taken out. I took the painting down to the gallery one day and was amazed to see how many people loved the painting. Quiet honestly it came as a shock, because the fur was giving me a hard time, but the people who saw it said it's like the dog is living and breathing. 

Well, I guess mission accomplished then! :) The owner said it looks just like Ellie and the couple will be sending me new photos so I can paint their other dog, which is a chocolate colored Lab.

Ellie Pet Portrait in Progress #2

Day 2

Today I tried to make some sense of the fur to show how the hair travels around the frame of the animal. I spend a good portion of my time working on the nose and eyes - my favorite parts. I will post

close-up shots of those once I get more done.

The name of the dog is Ellie and she is part Herding dog and part Dalmatian. The painting is starting to look already a lot like her and I am getting excited to see her develop so fast. I have 10 days to get her finished so progress is going right on schedule.

Someone will be getting a huge dog portrait as a surprise :)

Day 1

I started a new dog portrait, which will measure 24 x 24 inches. The painting is going to be displayed at a home that has a Mid-Century decor, therefore the handling of this portrait's background will be with a neutral color scheme.

Since this is going to be larger than life size I had to grid the canvas out and enlarge my reference almost three times bigger. Quiet a change from the usually small portraits I work on. The process here was started my doing a rough sketch to get the dog in place. Then I started to block in the larger shapes in preparation for the follow up work.


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