Berber Woman by Enzie Shahmiri

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Morocco is a country located in North Africa which roots can be dated back to at least 110BC. One of the countries on my bucket list, I have always been fascinated by it's architecture and people. I love the vibrant colors that can be observed in both the cities and the people's garments. Although Western influence has crept some of the Berber women still wear the traditional jellaba (djellabas)

, which are long-sleeved kaftan-like dresses. The jellaba reaches down to the ankles and has a pointed hood. 

Unmarried women cover parts of their hair and hood with an embellished 

headdress consisting of beads, spangles  and tassels. Below is a vintage photograph showing some of the lavish head 












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Well, it's back to the easel for me. I have tassels and shells to paint! 

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How Do Moroccan Women Dress? |

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