How to Make a Miniature Swivel Chair / Office Chair

How to Make a Miniature 1/24 Scale swivel chair

To create a miniature swivel chair or office chair in a 1/24 scale using easy-to-find supplies like card stock, beads, and toothpicks, you can follow the steps below:

Supply List for Miniature office chair

Materials you will need:

  • Card stock or heavy paper
  • Beads (preferably round ones)
  • One Toothpick
  • One Straw that is bendable
  • Glue (preferably a strong adhesive like craft glue or hot glue) and Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint or markers (optional)

free download for swivel chair parts


Step 1: Prepare the base

  • Take a piece of card stock and cut out a square or rectangular shape that will serve as the base of your chair. The size will depend on your desired scale, but make sure it's large enough to accommodate the chair design. Alternatively you can download the free template I have for you from HERE
  • If you have a Cricut maker upload it and let the machine cut out the pieces for you
  • otherwise use it as a template and cut out at least 5 pieces of each shape
  • Use a ruler and pencil to mark the center of the base. This will be the pivot point for the swivel mechanism.

Swivel Chair parts

Step 2: Create the chair frame

  • We will need five equal-length (see star like shape) to serve as the chair legs. Glue 4-5 pieces together and trim the ends if needed to ensure they are even.
  • Make a hole in the center of the star shape and thread the toothpick through.
  • coat all your pieces with Mod Podge to give them extra strength
  • Attach a bead at each end - let dry

chair base

Chair base shown with Mod Podge applied

chair base with beads attached

Chair base with beads attached

Step 3: Construct the seat and backrest

  • Cut two small rectangles from card stock to serve as the seat and backrest of the chair. This time glue 4 pieces together to get the desired thickness.The dimensions will depend on your desired scale and the style of the chair.

Chair base rod

Cut the rod to the desired length

Step 4: Add the swivel mechanism

  • Take a round bead and glue it to the center of the base, directly over the pivot point you marked earlier. This will serve as the swivel joint.
  • Cut the toothpick to the desired length for the chair's central column ( for 1/24 scale it's about 1cm) . Make sure it's long enough to extend from the bead through the seat and backrest, but not too long to interfere with the proportions.
  • Attach the seat to the toothpick that holds the leg mechanism, ensuring it is centered and securely glued.
  • Attach the backrest to the back of the seat, aligning it properly and securing it with glue. (easy)
  • You can also use a straw that has a bendable section and cut it as shown in the photo. (intermediate)
  • One end of the straw tab attaches to the seat and the other to the back rest. Glue in place

piece between seat and back rest

We are creating the piece between the seat and back rest


glue tabs in place

these tabs have to be glued well into place so they don't come undone

sandwich the tab to hide it

Hide the tabs by sandwiching them with the 5th piece

repeat process

this is repeated for the seat as well

clamp for glue to set

Clamp the pieces together to help the glue set properly


Step 5: Finishing touches

  • If desired, you can paint or decorate the chair using markers or paint to add more detail and realism. Be creative with colors and patterns.
  • I used foam for a more cushiony look
  • Allow the glue and paint to dry completely before handling or displaying your miniature swivel chair.

paint with marker

Color the chair 

cushiony look made with foam

by gently turning the foam into a sleeve you can drape it over the backrest

backrest with foam cushion

arm rest pieces

The arm rest pieces are glued together and glued onto the seat cushion

finished chair

The finished Swivel chair

Remember, this is just a basic guide, and you can modify and customize the design to your liking. Feel free to experiment with different materials and techniques to achieve the desired look. Enjoy your crafting process and the final result of your miniature swivel chair!

I made the chair as part of a commissioned diorama for a client. Click here to see how I create that custom Dorm Room.

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