How to make a 1/12 Dollhouse Nativity Set

I love seeing nativity sets and have always wanted to make a miniature version for my 1/12 scale chateau. Making the set is actually very easy and you only need a few items to start. Then it is a matter of how elaborate the nativity scene should be. besides the main characters of baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary adding an angel some livestock and perhaps even the three kings is a matter of how elaborate you like the set to be. 

Material list for Miniature Nativity Set

To make the miniature 1/12 scale Nativity set you will need the following


  • cut a piece of cardboard or 1 wide craft stick to 6cm x 3cm
  • round the edges and sand them  ( see video)
over wood cut out
  • cut the 1st center beam of the shack to 5 cm 
  • then cut 2 pieces for each side about 2.5cm shorter - these pieces will form an arch around the parameter of the base
  • Mark the center edge of the oval and start gluing the coffee sticks around the parameter
back wall standing up
  • Cut a 6cm coffee stirrer piece for the roof - sides of the stick should be cut at 45 degree angles
  • Make the next roof piece a tad smaller to fit the space of the opening
roof construction
  • 0nce the roof is in place give the shack a coating in diluted watercolor paint. Use ochre and browns in varying shades.
  • Take the Exacto knife and roughen the surface of the wood to give the shack an aged worn look
  • use colored pencils in brown and black to add contrast to some areas of the painted wood
  • Use the wire cutter and snip off the loop behind the buttons 
  • glue a few  pieces of hay on the base ( you might have to cut them to size)
  • Mix a bit of cheap glue with water and drip it over the hay. This will make the hay adhere to the base without looking glued on (see video). I used a dropper but you can use a plastic spoon or even a tiny stick to just pick up some of the liquid and drip it over the hay.
  • Add some highlights and shadows with acrylic paint to your characters. It makes them look less like buttons and gives them a bit of form
Miniature Nativity Scene by PortraitsbyNC



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