How I made the 1/12 scale Miniature Pigs

material list for sculpted pigs

My 1/12 scale miniature pigs are hand sculpted and each is slightly different from the other. I use air dry clay, since I like that it dries quickly and can be painted with a variety of mediums. The little pigs are meant as farmhouse decor and add a touch of whimsey when they are displayed in a dollhouse room.

farmhouse decor dollhouse accessory pig

I keep selling out of the little pigs, that's how popular they are and it's time to make a couple of new ones, so I figured I share how I make them.

sculpting toolsI use a few  sculpting tools to shape the ears and the grass. Sometimes areas have to be smoothed out or a bit of clay added to make the pig look the way I want it to. 

Clay clean up

I already had made a mold of my little pig, but it did not turn out perfect. However I can still save time getting the size and shape right by quickly making a cast. Then it's time to trim off the excess clay and start sculpting in the details. 

sculpting the pig face

I love sculpting and making every little pig have a bit of character. These pigs are happy pigs and each get a smiley face. 

miniature pig

Now how cute is that face?! The pigs are meant to sit on a farmhouse table and measure ca. 4 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm (1.58" x 0.79" x 0.59").

carving pig bristles

Details make all the difference and I like to add the pig bristles before I start to paint the pig. Grass is added to the base  for more interest. 

drying the sculpted pig

Once I am happy with the look of the pig it is time to let the clay dry. Once it is all dry it will be ready to be painted. I will share that process later as well. 

sculpted pig

The pig is available from my shop - see below

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