Tiny 1/12 scale miniature busts

the making on miniature busts

It seems that every stately home from antiquity until today has busts as part of their decor. They are placed on mantels on columns and can even be found in gardens. It is a way to give a room a sense of history and elegance. I for one love antique busts and have them all over my own house. Therefore it is no wonder that tiny busts have become a staple of my mini decor items as well.

scanning busts

Scanning in useable photos for a 3D scan can get tedious at times, but fortunately new apps and gizmos are constantly hitting the market that make this tasks easier. Making a bust out of clay takes an incredible amount of time, but if you can create one prototype and then scan it in to 3D print the bust can be improved and of course printed over and over. I once made a Santa Claus for my mom and to this day wish that I had the technology that is available now to scan the head in. The Santa went missing and so a one of a kind sculpture is lost forever. 

angel bust for dollhouse

As I mentioned before I love busts and of course have a collection of angels as well. Fortunately I live in a very large house so all these knick knacks kind of get lost. Although hubby sometimes wonders about my obsessions and collections :)

Da Vinci Bust

Of course as an artist an ode had to be given to Da Vinci. This 1/12 scale bust is also available in my shop.

roman man bust

roman woman bust

If you like to see the entire collection of miniature busts click here. The mini busts can be purchased as shown or ordered as a kit that you can paint yourself. To order the angel bust click below ~

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