Giorgio's Meatballs Recipe

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Giorgio's Meatballs Recipe

(from Chef Michael Ferroro of Delicatessan in NYC:



5 lbs ground beef

8 cloves garlic (minced)

5 eggs

5 qt. bread crumbs

1.25 cups parmesan cheese

2.5T salt

.25T black pepper

.75 bunch of parsley

.75 bunch of basil

.5 cup of stock

.5 cup water



 Hand mix all ingredients making sure not to over mix


 Wet your hand slightly and roll meatballs into 2.5 oz balls


 Lay meatballs evenly with a 1 inch gap on a sheet tray and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.

To serve

3 meatballs, 2 Tablespoons of tomato sauce, 1 teaspoon of pecorino cheese, 1 teaspoon of parmesan cheese, 2 leaves of basil, and 2 slices of Tuscan loaf bread.



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