Portraits by NC - Orange County, CA Studio where you find hand painted, custom oil portraits of people and pets - dogs, cats, horses by Portrait Artist Enzie Shahmiri 

Hi, my name is Enzie (pronounced "NC") , and I am a California based portrait artist, photographer and designer. I am driven by a love for beauty and thrive on creativity by painting custom painted oil paintings, and digital artwork for clients around the globe. 

While I paint custom portraits, I rely heavily on the help of my support team. My helpers make sure that my creations land on a variety of products, weather it be on prints or some of the gifts items that are for sale via the gift shop. The team also packs, wraps and mails your orders, allowing me to pay full attention to painting.

Besides working with individual clients, I also work with Interior Designers and agencies to create content for Name Brands.

For a list of past collaborations, please click here.

My portrait painting career began in 1999 when I decided to turn a lifelong passion for painting oil portraits of pets and people into a business.  As a classically trained oil painter, my paintings have won awards and have been shown in several galleries in New York,  San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County. My paintings and photographs have been  featured in books, magazines, in a documentary and even minted on a commemorative coin. 
As my career took off through winning awards and gallery exhibitions I was asked to create decorative artwork for interior designers, product licensing firms and brands.  Licensing Inquiries
My clients have shown a growing interest in unique gift items that they can purchase for friends and family. That has led to the creation of the gift shop where you can find my exclusive designs on a variety of gift items. Many items can be customized as well - for a uniquely one of a kind gift. Now and then, I also sneek in a product that I did not create but feel might be of interest to my clients. 
What started as me showing how I create each painting soon grew from one blog to several. The list now includes blogs about Food, Garden, Fashion and Beauty, Pets, LifestyleShopping, and of course my New Work art blog. 
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Thanks to social media and me sharing my love for everything beautiful, more and more brands have reached out to work with me. For a list of past collaborations, please click here.

My art has been featured in books, magazines, newspapers and in a documentary and I was invited to be a guest speaker on the topics of art and a juror for several art competitions. 

Below is a list of the highlights:

OC Register Article



As a child, I learned that my drawings would make people smile. This encouraged me to draw even more and soon I realized that there is great power in sharing one's art.

This realization led to an idea that perhaps I could also use my love for painting to make a contribution to better the lives of others. 

I am now committed to helping as many charitable organizations as possible. I donate in a couple of ways:

  • Monetary Donations 
  • Gift Certificate Donation 
  • Art Work Donation 

If you represent a charity, I welcome your donation requests for portrait gift certificates to use at your auction events.