Cuisipro Stacking Ice Cream Scoop


Have you ever had to serve ice cream to a number of people, just to find out that the ice cream does not want to get out of the container it came in? I It is rather frustrating when you want to serve ice cream and end up bending numerous spoons, while hacking away at the deliciousness that refuses to come out. Patiently waiting for the ice cream to soften up a bit is like watching paint dry - and holding an ice cream scoop under hot tab water before giving it another try, just way too time consuming and messy. This is why I really like this new gadget by Cuisipro.


The Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop is an e

rgonomic scooper that cuts through the hardest ice cream with a simple twist- and- lift action. Love it! Will have to get one for sure. I spotted these at