Portrait of Sage

Work in Progress 4

Work in Progress 4

I have not found time to post my works in progress so I thought today I share how I paint a Rat Terrier named Sage. I will be adding new images as the painting progresses.

4. The greenery has been added in very loose brushwork. As the painting progresses everything will become tighter and more detailed. I feel a headache coming on and have to stop for today, but will post the finished painting soon.

work in progress 3

work in progress 3

All the color is blocked in and the head has been worked on. Now it's time for smaller brushes to put in grass and work details into the fur. 

work in progress 2

work in progress 2

2. I jump around when I paint and always have to remind myself to work one area. Every brush strokes brings more and more details....


1. Once a client approves the overall layout, I start by blocking in the colors.

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