Doodle Portrait 696

 Doodle Painting 696 in Progress

This custom painted portrait of two Doodle dogs comes with several special requests. My client is giving this 16x20in oil portrait as a gift to a friend and wanted it to be a funny painting of her friend's two doodles. 

Mock up for doodle portrait 696

As per my client's request, a Yamakah and Chanel necklace were added to dress up the dogs. I first wanted to change the background, but the more I looked at it I thought it actually works as a nice setting for the two dogs. I liked the shimmery gold things in the background and the window opening that had the blue. It repeats the color of the Yamaka and gold chain and gives a nice warm setting to the overall painting. 

Doodle Portrait 696 in Progress

I still have a lot more work to do an will post again soon. In the meantime here is a video on the first steps of the painting. 


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