Cocker Spaniel in Landscape is Finished

landscape painting

This painting took a bit longer than expected since I really had to spend a lot of time getting the landscape to look the way I wanted. It also underwent some minor changes. One drawback as a painter is there is always something that I think could be better and it's sometimes difficult to just stop working on the painting. 

But I have reached the point where I can't tell what on earth could be done more - thus the painting is officially finished. :) 

Here is an updated video of the painting process from start to finish ...

I used a very tiny new brush to paint in the fence in the background.

tiny brush

The brush is made to add artsy details to fingernails and was perfect to get the fence post painted in.

painting of a field A little hint for those starting out to paint. There is a tendency to want to paint every log up to it's finest detail. Over the years I have learned that it's actually less natural looking than if you only hint at what you want to convey. If you look closely you will see that there are breaks in the lines and even the line thickness is not the same. When we view an object that is further away, we actually do not see everything because of the atmosphere. Heat rises, dust obscures, etc. Our eyes and brain work so well that with all the missing information we still know that that thing in the distance must be a fence. If I had painted in every line and made them equally thick then it would have been unnatural looking and would have actually cut the painting in half. The brain would recognize it as one horizontal line goingpainting on easel across the picture.

It all work when you step away from the easel. All the little dabs of paint make up the painting. Now this little dog can look over these fields for eternity.
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