The Adventures of Isabella Thornwood

Isabella Thornwood Doll

In the heart of Victorian-era Britain, where towering steam engines churned and gears interlocked, a woman of remarkable determination and ingenuity emerged as a beacon of hope for those in need of justice. Her name was Isabella Thornwood, a pioneer in the field of detective work, and she was about to open her very own agency unlike any that had come before.

Victorian Britain by Enzie Shahmiri

Isabella's journey to becoming a detective was no ordinary one. Growing up surrounded by the clanging of factories and the hiss of steam-powered contraptions, she developed a fascination for machinery and deduction.

 steampunk locomotive

Victorian Britain was a realm of corsets and top hats intermingling with gears and goggles! As you stroll down cobblestone streets, the tea aroma blends harmoniously with the scent of coal-powered steam engines. Splendid contraptions of brass and copper whirl and clank, propelling carriages that are part horse, part machine, and entirely bewildering to the pigeons perched upon them. Dapper gentlemen sport monocles that not only correct their vision but also project holographic maps of the city, while ladies' parasols double as personal weather stations, predicting rain or shine with a series of whimsical tinkling chimes. It's a world where the age of invention and innovation has met the elegance of yore, leaving us with a landscape that's as perplexing as it is utterly delightful!

Isabella grew up in this magical world and her keen mind and relentless curiosity guided her through countless books on criminal psychology, forensic sciences, and the intricate mechanics of the industrial world. 

Isabella Thronwood Doll with her books

Isabella, the detective apprentice, had had enough of the male detectives constantly puffing up their chests and proclaiming themselves as the ultimate sleuths. It was as if their egos were competing in a marathon while their deductive skills lagged behind in a leisurely stroll.

 Men talking Steampunk Vintage office

One day, as she listened to yet another heated debate about who had the sharpest instincts for solving crimes, Isabella's eyes rolled so hard they practically did a somersault. She decided that she had spent more time listening to their self-aggrandizing blabber than she had spent solving actual cases. With an exasperated sigh, she donned her metaphorical detective fedora and declared, "If they're so convinced they're the crème de la crème of crime-solving, then it's high time I whip up my own batch of detective excellence." And so, Isabella's Detective Agency was born, where ego-measuring contests were strictly prohibited and the only competition was against the ever-elusive truth.old steampunk books

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