Maid's Quarter - Fisher Price 2005 Mattel Loving Family Grand Mansion Renovation Part3


The attic of the Fisher Price 2005 Mattel Loving Family Grand Mansion was converted into the maid's quarter. Some of the furniture belonged to my daughter and is actually a bit smaller than 1/12 scale. The attic room is much smaller than the other rooms and it just happened that the furniture's size worked very well for this room.

The room looks fancier then a typical maid's quarter interior of the 18th century, but I wanted it to look like a room that is loved by its occupant. Let's just say my chateau's owners furnished their maid's room with hand me downs :)

I love that making miniatures allows me to incorporate things that are dear to me or that remind me of certain times. That is the case of the bedding in this room. I had used this fabric to create a very girly looking room for my daughter when she was a teen. Back then I had sewn the curtains and entire bedding for her room. It took forever and I am glad that I still had some remnants to add them to this tiny room.

Maid's quarter


This room in comparison to the rest of the chateau is furnished with only a few personal decorative items. The walls are plain white and for now has a tile floor. I might change it to a wooden floor when I have more time. 


Fisher Price 2005 Mattel Loving Family Grand Mansion Renovation attic

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