Magazine Rack Scalable DIY Kit for Dollhouse - SVG Cutting Files



I you like putting together little kits you will enjoy this easy to make Magazine Rack. The file can easily be scaled to 1:24 , 1:12 or even 1:6 scale and the directions here are easy to follow.

Svg File for Magazine Rack

After you have downloaded the SVG and PDF File place them on your desktop for easy access.

Cricut Design Space Upload

Open Cricut Design Space and Upload the SVG file. You will find the pieces you need to make the Magazine Rack. The uploaded size is for 1:12 scale, but you can easily scale the file up or down for 1:6 and 1:24 scale. Here is how:

Sizing Square on Cricut

You will see a green square, which is there to help you determine the correct scale. Start by making sure that Cricut is set to inches. With all files still grouped together, grab a corner and drag until the green square measures 1"x1". This will be the scale for 1:12. If you need the files for 1:24 scale drag the grouping until the green square measures 0.5" x 0.5" and double it for 1: 6 scale so that the square measures 2"x2" .

When you drag the entire group all the other files retain the correct size and scale up and down correctly. 

Cricut design space

 After you have the correct scale you can either duplicate the pieces or ungroup them to send the files for cutting. Your material needs to be 2mm thick and you can use either Chip board, or several layers of cardstock. I will show you an example using card stock layers glued together to the right thickness.


Cereal box cardboard works well for this project, however you will need at least 3-4 layers which are stacked together. In that case make sure to duplicate the files so you have 3-4 copies of all the pieces. 

cardboard on cutting mat

Regardless what type of material you have your Cricut cut for you, I would recommend that you tape it down. I set my machine on heavy cardstock to make sure that it cuts through. If you use chipboard change follow the instructions for cutting with a heavy blade. 

Cut cardboard pieces

This is what the cut pieces will look like. Remove them from the mat and using AiIleen's Tacky glue glue 3 or 4 like pieces together. Make sure that the edges are aligned and well glued. 

Layered cardboard

Once all the pieces are glued together you can use a file and sand the edges, so that every piece looks as clean as possible.


assembly of magazine rack

Here is started with the bottom piece and glued one of the sides to it. Make sure to follow how the pieces fit together for a proper fit. 

2nd side

This is the opposite side. Sometimes it helps to put a block against the walls to hold them upright until the glue sets.

Assembled pieces


Insert the other two divider pieces and the top. Once those are glued in place attack the back side. Now you are ready to paint. 

Finished assembly of magazine rack


Depending on what material you used to make the magazine rack, it's easy to finish the piece in whatever color you like. Acrylic paint colors, markers, coloring pencils, dyes, etc. will work nicely. 

White magazine rack

After you have finished the magazine rack fill it with magazines. The shape of the rack lends itself for other uses as well. 

magazine rack in brown

If you have any question you can leave me a comment or reach me through the contact form. Make sure to tag me so that I can see how you have finished your Magazine Rack. 

You can order the file from here:

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