How to use Nail Embellishing Kits to Spruce Up your Miniature Furniture

drawers before and after

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When working on miniatures regardless if it is in 1/24 or 1/12 scale, it is difficult to create embellishments that look nice. After a lot of searching I have teamed up with Elisel, a company who sells Nail art kits to see how easy it was to use the tiny embellishments that are meant for fingernails in my miniature furniture creations. 

Let me start out by showing you what came in the kit.


I started this build by using a simple chest of drawer that I purchased from the dollar store. The chest of drawers did not have removable drawers, so I first pried away the front. I have no idea what type of glue was used but it took forever to get the front removed.


Then it was time to make the drawers. I cut wood to size and lined the base with Cricut 2mm heavy chipboard. Later, I painted the insides of the unit white for a clean look. I wanted a Shabby chic look and a color that gave a dresser a bohemian look. I used green and yellow acrylic paint with blue for the legs and knobs. The design for the front and top was made with Washi tape that was cut to size. Washi tape sticks, but you can apply an additional coat of Mod Podge to keep everything sealed.  From the onset I wanted to use the nail art to embellish this piece. There were soooo many choices with two boxes of multi-size nail glitter rhinestones to choose from!

nail art

Elisel's kit comes with a variety of tools like two sets of tweezers, brushes and dotting pens, which all came in very handy to get these tiny rhinestones in place and the furniture piece painted. Super glue was used to keep the embellishments in place. For the pulls I was excited to see that the kit included flower shaped designs. They were just the right size to make the pulls look super cute. They too received an additional coat of sealant to make sure that they stay put. 

nail art tools

I have to say I was blown away how many cool things came in the Elisel 46 piece Nail Art Kit .  I am already thinking about how I can use the thin 10pcs nail striping metallic tapes and have already experimented with making vases out of some of the 240 pieces of clear nails that came with the kit.

The embellishments really added a nice touch to this chest of drawers and I will definitely order more from Elisel. For me using nail art opened up an entire new range of possibilities to create beautiful miniature furniture pieces. 


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