How to Make a Miniature Floor Lamp

Eye Glass Chain

I love to repurpose things and that gave me the idea to use some common items to create this miniature lamp.This miniature lamp is not wired and is more a decorative piece for your dollhouse or diorama.


For the Floor Lamp Project you will need:

  • 1 thimble
  • fancy colored paper clips
  • strong glue - I used E6000
  • pliers
  • 1 bead for the top
  • 1 wooden stick to act as a pole
  • something small to act as a base
    How to Assemble the Lamp:


    Gold thimble

    1. Start by spreading glue on the inside of the thimble.

    Paper clips on thimble

    2. Place the paper clips around the thimble with the thin parts facing down. Let everything dry before you continue.

    Eye glass chain from Zoe Kim 

    3. I have a several eye glass chains that I ordered from Zoe Kim via Amazon and thought that the rhinestones on this one are just the right size to decorate my lamp with.  Use pliers to detach the rhinestones and save the links so you can attach them to the paper clips later.

    Top for lamp

    4. Once the glue has dried cut a paper clip to size to act as the top. If you are going to add a light make sure that the bulb will thread through the opening. 

    Bead on top of lamp

    5. Place a bead on top making sure that the opening faces down. Your wooden pole will need to fit into the hole so that the lamp can stand.


    6. Set aside as many rhinestones as needed. Look for the tiny split in the loops and cut open using your pliers. Don't toss the loops, you will need them to reattach the rhinestones to the lamp.

    Lamp with Rhinestones

    7. I chose only two colors and one length for this particular lamp. You can however use as many rhinestones in whatever length you like.

    Miniature Floor Lamp

    8. For the pole use a thin round wood stick and color it. I used a golden Sharpie to color my pole. Finish the base of with a bead. You can also cut cardboard or wood to size, the aim is to keep the lamp from falling over. 

    THAT'S IT!

    Floor Lamp in Bedroom

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