How to Make Miniature Lemons out of Polymer Clay

lemon border top

I am slowly collection all the items for the custom made room box of Mrs. Maisel's kitchen. One of the items I needed to make is a bowl filled with lemons that sits on Mrs. Maisel's kitchen table. So before I started to make the lemons I thought I share my process with a mini tutorial. 


lemons on table

Here are the items you will need to make the Miniature Lemons out of Polymer Clay. 

polymer clay lemon material list

Material List


    polymer clay

    How to make the Polymer Clay Lemons

    • Cut small chunks about 1/2 coin length. They chunks can vary slightly in size  for a more realistic look. 
    • Roll the chunks in your palm to both soften the clay and to shape them into tiny round balls

    making round balls with clay

    • Use the round look of the metal pin and press it into one side of the ball to get the little knob. You can pull at the knob further with your finger until it has the desired shape.

    shape of lemon

    • it should look something like the image above

    coloring lemon


    • For the texture a small toothbrush works well. You can also roll the lemon gently over some rough sandpaper to get those little indentation seen on citrus peels.
    • Bake the tiny lemons at the manufacturer's recommended temperature and time.

    • lemon color
    • Once the lemons have cooled a bit you can start adding some color
    • Add a bit of green chalk dust with the aid of a brush to the knob and a bit of brown to the opposite side where the lemon would have been attached to the tree
    • Workable fixative works well to keep the chalk in place. Spray a light mist from arms length over the lemons. Once dry I like to further add little blemishes or highlights with acrylic paint, but it is not necessary.

    applying color

    I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Lemons are super easy to make and ones I have more time I will show you how to make some lemon halves as well. 


    table with lemons

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