Ding Dong Goes the Gong

Gong by PortraitsbyNC


Time to accessories the Japanese Tea Room with some handmade items like this miniature 1/24 scale Gong.


The gong was made with Cricut Maker and you can download the free files from my Gift Shop. All you need is some medium size card board and some jewelry supply items. I will include the link to what I have used. The gong can easily be made for 1/12 scale by doubling the measurements and using bigger embellishing pieces. 

For this project you will need the following:

    • Super Glue to glue the pieces together and to add bulk
    • Zig Glue (Acid-free, xylene-free glue - does not fog up Mylar or damage paper)
    • medium card stock
    • scissors
    • jewelry clasps
    • thin wire
    • nail
    • beads
    • 1 round bezel pendent tray for the disc (2cm or less)


How to assemble

  1. Load the png file into Cricut design space
  2. Re-size the file for 1/24 scale 44mm x 30mm x 2mm 1.73" x 1.18" x .08" (  cut 6 or 8 pieces to get the 2mm thickness). Double the measurements for 1/12 scale.
  3. The gong measures about 2cm (.79") (round circles) - Make a round paper circle for your opening only if you can't find a bezeled pendent tray
  4. You can print lotus flowers or some other design and glue it to the front of the piece if you like to add more color
  5. Adhere card stock to green mat 
  6. Insert regular blade and go through the print and cut process 
  7. Take your 6-8 pieces and glue them together using super glue. Super glue gets very hard and it helps to add stability and bulk
  8. Cut off the little black tab in the center ( I left it there if you want to use it to hang the disc from it. If you have the jewelry clasp you don't need the tab and glue the clasp there instead.
  9. My disc was silver and I used a Sharpie marker to give it a brass look. 
  10. For the mallet I used a nail and just made a folded holder from some of the card scraps
  11. Attach the disc to the clasp using some string or a bit of wire
  12. To embellish the whole thing you can use small beads
I love to see how yours has turned out so make sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook.
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