A Game of Chess

the chess player

Isabella, the brilliant detective with a penchant for puzzles, could often be found at her sprawling country estate, locked in a battle of wits with an unsuspecting opponent—her pet Cockatoo Tango.

cockatoo oil painting

Yes, Tango was a Cockatoo of refined tastes and had a particular penchant for challenging Isabella to games of chess. Some might say it was an unconventional practice, but Isabella saw it as a crucial exercise in sharpening her analytical skills.

miniature chess book

As the pieces danced across the board, Isabella's mind would whirr like the gears of a clockwork contraption, strategizing not only to checkmate her feathered adversary but also to mimic the thought processes of criminals she encountered.

And every so often, as Tango fluttered its beautiful feathers in an eerily human-like triumphant gesture, Isabella would feel a tingle of inspiration, a fresh perspective that had been eluding her in her real cases.

Miniature Chess piece

So, with every pawn moved and every rook maneuvered, Isabella wasn't just playing chess; she was outsmarting criminals one parrot-inspired move at a time.

chess game miniature

Below is part 1 of Isabella's Journey to look for a detective agency. The video gets updates as the story unfolds.
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