Ohuhu® 75 Feet Garden Hose / Expandable Hose, 75 ft Expandable Garden Hose with All Brass Connecto


Most areas in my garden are connected to either an automatic sprinkler system or a drip system. However there are still areas that do not receive the amount of water needed. So I spend a lot of time dragging a long hose around that always gets tangled up. That's the time the garden critter hear me swear like a drunken sailor. It just is so frustrating when you are trying to get a task done and you have to keep running back and forth to untangle or get a kink out of a hose.

I had seen the expandable garden hose at my garden center, which promises to never to tangle, twist or kink but wasn't quite sure how well it would work. So when I was invited to review a 75 feet expandable garden hose for Ohuhu, I was very excited to give the hose a try,

Ohuhu® 75 Feet Garden Hose / Expandable Hose, 75 ft Expandable Garden Hose with All Brass Connector & Free 8-pattern Spray Nozzle, Green $44.99 Ohuhu

The hose measures 25 feet in length and quickly expands to a 75 foot hose when the water gets turned on. I like that both ends have brass hose connectors, which are more solid than plastic ones . There is even a shutoff valve at one end to quickly turn water on or off. The hose quickly connects to the water faucet. The hose is very lightweight and easy to store in comparison to regular garden hoses. The company recommends not to leave the hose exposed to the elements, which means that you can't leave it lying around. However, the high pressure-resistance durable latex should last if you keep it out of the elements; Normal operating water pressure: 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar;

The garden hose nozzle is made of plastic and has eight spray patterns (center, mist, shower, flat, angle, full, soaker, and cone). Selecting different spray patterns is done by turning the outer ring selector. I am not sure how long the plastic spray nozzle will last, and will have to report back, but with care I don't foresee having any problems.

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As you can see from my video, the hose expands quickly as water enters. It is advised to pull the hose a bit to loosen the latex outer wrap when using the hose for the very first time. I watered plants throughout my garden without the hose kinking or getting tangled. The sprayer was easy to operate and the eight settings are more than enough to give water to a variety of plants. Best yet, when I was done and shut off the water the hose curled itself back up to it's original 25 ft size and was easily put in storage. So far I am loving this new gadget!

“I received this item in exchange for my honest review about the product. All opinions expressed are my own. ”
— Enzie

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