Keeping Plants Alive While on Vacation

Keeping plants alive while on vacation can be challenging, especially when you are gone for more than just a couple of days. I am always on the lookout for gadgets that will provide my plants the water they need and have learned over time that it's best to test these gadgets well before I turn the key and take off. 

When I went on a month long vacation I was very surprised that after being gone for so long I had lost only one plant. So today I will share a couple of things I did. 

Tips to keep your plants alive 

Create a Greenhouse in your Bathtub

I used four very large plastic storage container (for two greenhouse set ups) and placed them in the bathtub. Then I placed some smaller plastic containers as risers that fit the base of my potted plants upside down on the bottom of the containers. Next, the potted plants were placed on top of the small plastic containers. This is done so you can water the potted plants and catch the water without the roots of the plants sitting in the water. Fill the large plastic container with enough water just below the base of your potted plants. To finish my little greenhouse set up I used the bottom of another equally sized plastic storage container as a roof to the first one. Overtime the moisture inside the box created a little greenhouse effect that gave my plants just enough moisture to prevent them from drying out. 

This system worked well for smaller potted plants, but was not an option for the large pots. For those I found that using reusable plant watering sticks work really well. The trick here is to find something that has a large water reservoir. I used a 1 Litre plastic soft drink bottle and found these reusable plant water sticks that can be screwed on them.

Reusable Plant Watering Stick

The set comes with four spikes that have small holes on the side. Once you screw them on a soda bottle filled with water it will start to deliver water through little holes on the side as the soil starts to dry out. What I like about this set up is that you can use different sized bottles that fit best for your plant and add as many watering holes as needed. I received my Ramini Brand Spikes at a discounted rate via Amazon

  • COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE: Every plant is different. Follow the instructions on image 6 and open the desired holes.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: You can use it to simply water or add a little fertilizer in the bottle and let it nourish your plants when needed.
  • NO MORE DEAD PLANTS AFTER VACATION: No one likes to be greeted by dead plants. This is the perfect baby sitter for your plants while you are out enjoying yourself. SAVE MONEY: No need to pay someone to come over and water your plants while you are gone. This is a reusable and economical watering system.
  • BOGO OFFER: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE. Add 2 to cart and use code LDRQSKD5 .
  • RECOMMENDED USES: Perfect to use during vacation or for indoor plants. Makes a great gift for the gardener, house warming party or for the teacher who loves to keep a plant in the classroom.

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