How to Grow Potatoes in Bags

Happy Sweet Potatoes Fabric

Happy Sweet Potatoes Fabric

Growing potatoes is very easy and very rewarding. All you really need is a container in which you can pile more soil as the plant starts to grow. The process of piling on more soil is called to "hill" and it is done to cover and encourage the tubers to grow. As the plant grows you are rewarded with little purple flowers on green foliage that are really pretty to look at. It takes avout 16 to 17 weeks for the tubers to mature into potatoes that can be harvested. 

There's nothing like the taste of fresh, home-grown potatoes. Learn how to grow potatoes the easy way in potato bags on your patio!

Best Time to Plant Potatoes

Plant potatoes in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Soil Temperature should be around 50 F . 

Growing Potatoes in Bags

This year I am planting my potaoes in these good looking green Lawn and Garden bags by #TrekProof. I ordered them at a discounted rate for review purposes. I like these tall 32-Gallon TrekProof pop up bags, because they are easy to store when not in use and super leight weight, self-expanding. The bags stand 28 inches tall and are made of polyester fabric that is very durable. They have handles so I can easily move the bags around when needed. I also like that I can use the same bag to haul 120 liters of yard waste when they are not being used to grow things in. 

Garden Bag - 32 Gallon Reusable Popup Yard & Garden Leaf, Tool, Storage, Laundry or Trash Bag $15.97 $29.95 KASM International

I just planted my potaoes and have nothing but dirt in a bag to show. I will post my harvest photos as soon as they are available.  



I found a great read for times when you are experiencing problems with your harvest due to diseases and pest. 

Young Potatoes Peeler Poster

Young Potatoes Peeler Poster


Potatoes can also be grown in raised beds. To keep direct sunlight off the beds and to prevent "greening" put a layer of grass clippings on the soil. It will also keep the bugs off. 


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