How to keep Mosquitos at Bay in Ponds and Water Fountains

How to keep Mosquitos at Bay in Ponds and Water Fountains




I love the sound of water and have several fountains and bird baths set up. As beautiful as these water elements are, they are also wonderful breeding grounds for mosquitos if they are left unattended.

Mosquito  POWER Classic Round Sticker
Mosquito POWER Classic Round Sticker
by razzledazzle_me

The key to managing mosquitoes  is to stop them from being able to breed. Even one ounce of standing water can support a population of larvae.

Larvae prefer shallow water (24inches deep), which means that water fountains and birdbaths are ideal breeding grounds for them. However if you add a water pump you can add movement to the water and thereby increase the water circulation. Mosquitos love stagnant water and tend to avoid water that moves.

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