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bogle painting

There are days when I just crave to paint something so entirely different and such was the case when I decided to paint the Bogle. 

bogleboggle or bogill is a British term for a ghost or folkloric being. There is a popular story of a bogle known as Tatty Bogle, who would hide himself in potato fields (hence his name) and either attack unwary humans or cause blight within the patch. This bogle was depicted as a scarecrow, "bogle" being an old name for "scarecrow" in various parts of England and Scotland. - source Wikipedia

I was actually watching the latest Hobbit movie while coming out of the spell of super nasty migraine and was a bit in a dark mood. Hence a dark painting :)

Well, I don't know exactly how all this inspirational stuff works, I just know that one thing followed another and I just really wanted to create an imaginary creature and that's what came of it. 

A lot of the detail for on this 24x30in painting is lost when you see it this small on your computer screen, but I have some close-op shots for you. 


There are tons of paint dabs to make for a rough skin texture. The idea was to make this bogle be a creature that inhabits the wilderness. He roams and hides between the greenery and looks at us humans with his piercing green eyes.


His hat is made of twigs, acorns and leaves. He is meant to blend into the wilderness and his outfit acts as his camouflage. What do you think of him? Do you like mysterious, fantasy creatures? I had fun creating him and think I might paint a fairy next. If you like to order prints of this painting see below. 


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