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Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

Painting by Enzie Shahmiri

I am playing around with all sorts of ideas in the studio and needed to come up for a design idea for a new product line that was  meant to have a retro feel. This piece is meant for a room that has an urban, retro style decor. I was thinking in the lines of designs by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) .


Dr. John Storer House, Hollywood, California, 1923

Dr. John Storer House, Hollywood, California, 1923

In the 1920s, Wright designed a number of houses in California using precast "textile" concrete blocks reinforced by an internal system of bars. Wright first used his textile block system on the John Storer House in Hollywood, California, in 1923. The house is now used in films, television, and print media to represent the future.Typically Wrightian is the joining of the structure to its site by a series of terraces that reach out into and reorder the landscape, making it an integral part of the architect's vision. According to Wright's organic theory, all components of the building should appear unified, as though they belong together. Nothing should be attached to it without considering the effect on the whole. To unify the house to its site, Wright often used large expanses of glass to blur the boundary between the indoors and outdoors. The textile block system arose from Wright's desire to wed machine-age production techniques with organic architecture – the principle that a structure should look as though it naturally grew on a site – so as to make his designs affordable to people of modest means. Source: Wikipedia



The architect used a lot of straight lines and the interiors are kept looking a bit like cubes that have been joined together. That gave me the ideas of using vertical lines with varying thickness. Since Wright also took care to wed nature with abstraction, I figured creating organic brush work in the lines, rather than having the lines be a solid color, would achieve a similar effect. 

The painting is available in a variety of sizes see more by clicking the link below. 

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