Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Custom Portrait

King Charles Spaniel Head Portaits-by-NC

King Charles Spaniel Head Portaits-by-NC

There are times when I get so busy that I forget to post work that has been done and send to clients. This is the case with this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Only after the same client has ordered a second portrait of her cat, which I will be showing soon, did I realize that I never posted her first portrait. 

King Charles Portraits-by-NC

King Charles Portraits-by-NC

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is itself a fairly new breed, although its predecessor, the toyspaniel, was incredibly popular from the 16th to the 18th centuries. These small lap dogs were brought from France to Scotland in the 1500s by the Queen of Scots. There, they warmed the laps of royalty and cuddled in the beds of queens. These dogs were occasionally featured next to their royal owners in paintings by some of the greatest artists of the time, including Titian, Van Dyck, and Lely.  Source

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