Tarot Card Selection for the Gypsy Painting


Charm Bracelet by

Trillium Studios

It's time to tackle the tarot cards for the painting of the Gypsy Fortune Teller.

Ms. Ellen Ross , who is a professional tarot card reader, helped me with the interpretation of cards so that the painting reads the story I want to convey.

Here are the cards and their meanings:

1. Falling Tower - Complete and sudden change, downfall, severing of friendship

2. Devil - downfall, strange experience-fatality

3. Wheel of Fortune- "reverse" - bad luck

4. Lovers - "reverse" - failure to pass the test, unreliability

5. Fool - "reverse" - bad decision, negligence

6. Queen of Swords - quick witted, intensely perceptive

7. Four of Coins - love of material wealth- hoarder

8. Moon - minor deception or gain without paying the price

I will be posting more about these mini paintings in the upcoming days. When creating a painting doing some homework about the props means that you have something to talk about once the painting is finished. When I exhibit at shows or in galleries I am often asked about my paintings and all I have to do is recall what inspired me and how I went about collecting the elements that make up the paintings theme.

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