Love Buddies Custom Cat Portrait

Love Buddies by Enzie Shahmiri

Love Buddies by Enzie Shahmiri

Meet Jasper and Shadow, two love buddies sitting on a fence. This is my third portrait for the same family of their two cats. My client had seen a photograph of two cats lying on the floor with their tails touching and forming a heart shape. She really liked that look and asked if I could replicate the idea using one of her photos. 

Reference Photo for Portrait

Reference Photo for Portrait

The available photo did not have the cat's tails touching and of course the two felines were sitting far apart. They would have needed rather large tails to have anything touch, let alone form a heart shape. That presented an interesting challenge and I solved it by moving the black cat slightly closer to the viewer and of course closer to the other cat. 

As you can see in this close-up shot their noses are almost touching now. In order for the painting to be more interesting I played around with different textures in the fur. 

The next challenge was the background. This painting is going into a child's room that has soft yellow and blue floral prints. Taking cues from a pillow I decided to have the two love buddies, sit on a fence in a garden. The setting is entirely fictional and done very painterly and the overall look of this particular painting will have a more decorative and loosely painted effect. 

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