I am Featured in The Senior Reporter

I received an early Christmas present! I am so excited to be featured in the "Senior Reporter" magazine, December 2014 issue. Carine Nadel, who is a contributing feature writer for the Arizona/Oregon and Orange County Jewish Life magazines had shown interest in writing an article about my "Pay What you Want" offer. 

The concept of making my work affordable so anyone could own a custom portrait of a loved one is based on the Gift economy concept. An ancient arrangement for the transfer of goods or services without an agreed method of quid pro quo. In other words, I don't determine the price, but give my clients the option to choose what they think is fair by asking them to make a payment to my paypal account. 

You can click here to read the article online, it's on page 3 and 4.  Carine also writes on her blog "Fabulously Forty" and can be found on Twitter check it out .


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