Irises - Work in Progress

Irises Panel 1 Work in Progess


This is a little progress report for panel #1. A quick trip to the store with wall paint number in hand, gave me the color swatches for the wall and a better understanding of the environment in which this Iris series will hang. The client wanted to have more purple, rather than the fuchsia color, so that was changed. With paintings this large it is really important to step back to get a better idea how the composition works.

I am already half way done on panel #2 and fell that it goes much faster and easier. Another update will be posted soon.

Irises Oil Painting in Progress

I was asked to paint three 24x36 inch panels of modern looking, over sized Irises. My client, during one of her trips had seen a painting she had really liked and asked if I could create something similar. She has purchased a new condo and has a large empty wall that we are trying to fill with these gallery wrap style paintings.

Even though these paintings will be side by side, I am also trying to create each panel in such a way that it could be hang by itself. This is an important consideration to keep in mind, because people do move and if there is ever the need to split the panels apart, they will not look incomplete, but can act as an individual piece of art.

This is panel number one, were the design idea and color is being shared with the client. When placing orders for paintings, weather they are portraits or other style of paintings, it is important to keep in mind that colors come in many shades. Although photos are send back and forth via Email, monitor displays vary and can be rather deceiving. It helps a great deal when the client can provide the artist with color swatches of the wall that the painting will be placed on. I have asked my client to provide me the brand of paint she has used and the manufactures name. This way I can go to a local paint store and get the exact color swatch to make sure that my chosen yellow will fit her wall color harmoniously.

Alphonse Mucha Iris Pillow
Alphonse Mucha Iris Pillow
by VintageSpot

There is pale yellow...

Lemon Classic Round Sticker
Lemon Classic Round Sticker
by 6hands


lemon yellow, which has a green tint to it...

Autumn leaves pillow
Autumn leaves pillow
by celebrationideas

a warm orange yellow...

Creased yellow paper with spotlight iPad sleeve
Creased yellow paper with spotlight iPad sleeve
by sakiphotos

or even a dirty yellow .


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