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Spring Millinery

I started blogging in March 2006 and have been writing almost on a daily basis ever since. Blogging to me means to give and to receive. Through this wonderful experience, I have had the opportunity to share my painting process and share the amassed stockpile of images and art related resources, which have been collecting over the years. In turn I have been generously rewarded by making lovely new friends, who expose me to their worlds of creativity and accomplishments.

Spring Flowers

Blogging has opened doors and allowed me to be exposed to a world full of wonderful experiences. Finding like minded people has been such a relief from the monotonous studio life of this painter. It has fueled my creativity and pushed me to new heights.

Writing in a void is not merely as satisfying than having so many readers who comment on your posts and enjoy these little forays into the art world with you.


Hot Weather Fashion

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