Sketchbook Entries "Give Creativity Wings to Fly"

A little update fro 2016 - my sketchbook has gone to Europe never to turn up again. I am assuming that it was either lost or kept by someone. Oh well ....

3rd Entry by Mary Ann Archibald

Sketchbook Entry #3

Mary Ann Archibald

is an artist from Halifax, Canada, who is participating in the "Give Creativity Wings to Fly"project. We met through the Portrait Artist Forum many years ago.

2nd Entry by Debbie Overton

Project Entry #2 by Debbie Overton

Debbie Overton

is a collage artist who resides in Georgia. I love the inspiration theme of "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" ~thanks Debbie!


1st Entry by Enzie Shahmiri

I am the project coordinator and this is my sketch to send the sketchbook off on it's long journey through the world. If you like to participate read through this post.

Give creativity Wings to Fly Project

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