Art Fair Fiasco - Local Color Movie

Rainbows In Progress Artist's Brushes Pillow
Rainbows In Progress Artist's Brushes Pillow
by time2see

Many exhibits leave me baffled and I have to admit that I do not understand much of today's art scene at all. I can understand exploring new techniques and appreciate those modern pieces that reflect technique, skill and an overall knowledge of what it means to create art. The other stuff just leaves me shaking my head in sadness.

"Local Color" looks like an interesting movie, worth seeing. Armin Muehller Stahl plays the role of a respected old world artist, who finds himself as an outcast in today's art world. Questioning what it means to be an artist the movie follows the interaction between master and pupil and the pursuit of becoming an artist.

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Thanks Mary Ann for bringing this trailer to my attention!