Flower Burst Contemporary Floral Art

Flower Burst by Enzie Shahmiri

Flower Burst by Enzie Shahmiri

I read about an artist who took lace, copied and enlarged the pattern and gave it to a gardener to create a flower bed design with it (post is here). I found this idea just really neat and then I thought why not take one plant and enlarge it and see what happens. 

That's the way the idea for this painting titled "Flower Burst" came to be. This is Queen Ann's Lace which has clusters of dainty little white flowers that seem to burst forth from the stem into all directions. It actually reminds me a bit of fireworks. I added the green border to really make the whole image pop. The tiny flowers are all painted impasto style - you can see a detail of them below.

Detail shots of painting

Detail shots of painting

The painting is available in a variety of sizes as canvas prints here .

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