Willow Tree Artwork

The Lone Willow Tree

Willow Tree Painting

The Lone Willow Tree 

I have been working on this painting since December and finally, have finished it. The "Lone Willow Tree" was an exercise in expressive brush strokes and for me quite the struggle. As a portrait artist, I am used to blending - a lot - and showing brush marks did not come naturally. 

The weeping willow has branches and foliage that drops down towards the ground. The large trees are quite striking and have something magical about them. I wanted to keep everything around the tree soft and atmospheric. The tree is in a landscape that could be anywhere and all I want to guide your attention to is the tree with its old trunk and foliage that glows in the light. 

However, I really like how this turned out. The painting can be ordered as a canvas print in a variety of sizes.

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