The Starbucks Coffee Shop 1/24 scale Diorama

Starbucks Outside Wall

If you love Starbucks you will find this diorama full of wonderful things to explore. The perfect gift for anyone who is a Starbucks addict this miniature room box is full of items you would find at any Starbucks coffee shop. The room box comes with it's own light, so you can display it lit up at nighttime as well. The 1/24 room box started out with a kit from Rilay and soon underwent a metamorphism to turn into something that was uniquely my own design. 

rilay coffeeshop kit

RIlay Coffee House Kit

If you have build several of these kits yourself, you might also have noticed that each kit has a lot of the same items in it. They are just arranged in different ways to fit the kit you are making.

For this diorama I used the frame work that came with the kit and then made my own items to turn it into the Starbucks coffee shop you see below.

Starbucks Coffee shop diorama room boxEspresso Machine

A proper coffee shop needs proper equipment, so the 1st thing was to 3D print both an espresso machine and a coffee grinder. At 1/24 scale it was a challenge to show the details. I painted the machines and then added painted details to make the appliances look more realistic. After a lot of fumbling the coffee cups finally made their way to the machine to be filled with coffee. The milk pitcher is made of 1/2 of a necklace fastener. Scale is everything when it comes to tiny dioramas and I tried to stay within scale as much as possible.

Sink at coffee shop

The coffee shop also needed a sink and I made that plus the faucet using resin. For added effect a dirty cup was tossed in the sink. When you make miniatures you start to look at everything around the house to see how it can be repurposed to fit your needs. I needed a modern looking computer tablet and found it in a modified eye dropper. By molding plastic a stand was added and the illusion was complete. 

Pastry display and cooler Every Starbuck sells pastries and drinks, so those were added as well using various beads and homemade little plastic bottles and soft drink cans. 

Plant Oil Painting

I had seen various artwork displayed at Starbucks coffee shops around the world and thought why not paint some coffee bean leaves. The tiny hand painted oil painting adds some color to the shop.The advertisements and menu were printed on glossy photo paper and mounted on the walls. The shelves were filled with bags of coffee and a few decorative pieces for decor. 

starbucks counter

The shop needed a counter were guest could add milk to their coffee, find straws and napkins and also a garbage pin to toss their used cups. The straws are made of super thin wire, which were placed in a tiny wooden bead.


Guest need a bathroom, so a multi gender friendly bathroom with a modern door was installed. It actually is the area that hides the wiring for the light. I decided to place the battery pack for the light fixture in the back of the building for easier access, however there is enough room in the bathroom to fit the pack there as well.

outdoor patio

I needed a seating area and decided to create it by adding more outdoor space. The grass area now has seating and even a green umbrella found at all Starbucks. Guests have already placed their orders and enjoyed the space!

Flower beds and other plants complete the outdoor area, which you can see in the video below.

Starbucks Coffee SHop

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