How to Make a Miniature Kettle

How to Make a Miniature Kettle

Today's tutorial is sponsored by Belanko

Making a miniature tea kettle is very easy and does not require a lot of tools. My inspiration for this tutorial is my new full size Belanko water kettle. To make the 1/12 scale miniature kettle you need the following items:

Air dry clay

1 straw

Measuring spoon or anything to make the body shape

crazy glue

Exacto Knife

Snap Faster ring

Acrylic paint and pens in two shades of brown

Optional resin (if you want to waterproof the kettle)

hearty paper clay

To make the miniature kettle start by shaping the air dry clay. I am using Hearty paper clay which air dries very fast. To smooth the clay out you can use some water to run over the form.

measuring spoon

I used a measuring spoon and filled it to the brim with clay. Smoothen the top and turn over.

mold turned upside down

If you don't have a measuring spoon you can make a round ball and then just cut it in half using an Exact knife.

trim excess clay

Trim the excess clay of the sides. Make an indentation in the center for the lid. Take a small piece of clay and form it into a lid. I used a circle template to figure out what size I want for the lid.


make lid

Cut a small piece of a straw to make the spout and stick it into the body cavity.

cut spout

Finish the spout off by gluing a snap fastener ring to the end. You can use the end of a pencil and the Exacto knife to remove any excess clay.I wanted to be able to add some water to my kettle so I removed some of the clay from the inside and made sure that the straw is clear off any clay.
tea kettle handle

Use some extra clay and form a handle.You can use the glue to attach the handle. Once you are happy with the overall shape you can start painting the kettle. I used acrylic paint and silver nail polish to mimic the look of the Belanko kettle.


Snap Fastener Kit

I will be uploading a video soon showing the entire process.

Belanko Tea Kettle

As I mentioned before today's tutorial was sponsored by Belanko.  I ordered the 2.7 whistling tea kettle via Amazon

BELANKO tea kettle uses professional food-grade materials and 18/8 stainless steel craftsmanship to ensure that it is rust & corrosion resistant and heats up quickly. The 2.7 quart capacity is large enough to fill  about 12 cups.

I love the faux wood look of the ergonomic handle and lid which is silicone-coated and insulated. The handle allows you to lift the teapot directly without risk of burns. The user-friendly button allows you to easily open or close the spout without worrying about getting burned by steam.

Miniature kettle

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