The Chocolatier - DIY Miniature Kit complete Diorama Set

Chocolatier DIY Miniature Kit

The Chocolatier is a very cute miniature kit that comes with everything to create a miniature 1/24 scale Chocolate shop filled with all the treats that you would expect to see for sale. The scene even extends to the outside area of the shop with a patio Bistro style dining area and a candy cart for added ambiance. I asked for this kit as a birthday kit, well actually I asked for three kits and this is the 1st one I have been working on. 

Cafe chairs and  table

I have tried my hand and doll making before and have always been intrigued by the world of miniatures. As an artist with drawers full of art and craft supplies, I have been yearning for new ways to use all the supplies I have collected over the years.

Cupboard with gifts

When I saw this kit, I figured this was an easy way to get my feet wet and try my hand at something entirely new. I have to admit that in no time I started to put my own touches on the set and pretty much got hooked on this art form one I got passed gluing my fingers together with crazy glue. 

Chocolate heart box

The scale of this kit is 1:24 and that is truly stepping into the world of Thumbelina! I have become totally enamored and have been substituting the paper sweets for tweets made out of Fimo.

miniature sweets

The treats are the little beads and that should give you a good idea of the scale. This kit even has lights and music box and once it all came together just became the cutest thing ever!

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