The Dollhouse at the  Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Dollhouse at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

dollhouse kitchen

When we were in Amsterdam we visited the @Rijksmuseum and I totally fell in love with the dollhouse collection there.The blurry images are mine and the sharp ones are taken by my husband, who is definitely a better photographer than I am :)

dollhouse room with people

All the silver articles are made of real silver, which attest to the wealth of the collector. 

dollhouse mens parlor

dollhouse laundry room

TThe servant quarters in Dutch homes were located at the upper floor. If you ever entered a Dutch home, you will totally understand why. There were no elevators, only very steep stairs that led from one floor to the next. 

dollhouse stairs


dollhouse interior


storage room

dollhouse parlor

dollhouse at rijks museum
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