Santas Workshop Ornament

Wood Ornament
Building your own miniatures from scratch, makes you appreciate nice workmanship when you see it. I recently received a Santa's Workshop Cottage ornament made out of wood from Schmidt Christmas Market for review purposes. 
Santas Workshop

This super cute little Christmas cottage looks like it was done with a laser cutter and great care was taken in assembling all the pieces. At slightly over 4 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide I am amazed at the amount of detail. The windows and doors are just so delicate. The scenery inside shows elves busy at a workbench. I don't think the elves are any taller than an inch. Glitter is used in the snow on top of the roof giving the piece a cute seasonal winter look. 

Ornament with surprise display

This little cottage has a hole underneath, that shows a little surprise when you shine a light through the hole. If you hang the ornament on the tree a Christmas light could illuminate the interior to show the tiny secret display.  My ornament had a string of Christmas lights show up that I had not seen before. 

Miniature Cottage Roof

Some more images for you to see ...

Miniature Cottage

The cottage ships in a cute cardboard box (see 1st image) that would be great for gift giving as well. I am looking forward to display this ornament next Christmas as part of my studio Christmas decor. I love the natural look of the wood  and think it will be a nice addition. 
You can find this and other super cute Christmas items at Schmidt Christmas Market.
Schmidt Christmas Market

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