Modern miniatures

Modern Miniature Dollhouse Decor 1/12 Scale


Every once in a while I paint large scale abstract paintings just for fun. You can see the life size version of this piece here. This gave me the idea to share some abstract paintings as downloadable files for those who are looking for more contemporary art for the mini rooms. These are now available for purchase in my store.

Square modern painting

Each one of the designs is different and I included both square and rectangular shapes. I figured this way they the artwork can be used in a variety of rooms. The black border is added so that you can cut easy within the lines. The black border  can also be used as a mat if you like to frame the artwork.

Abstract art

It is very important that the images are printed on a color printer on either matt or glossy photo paper. The brand really does not make a difference, you just can't use regular printer paper, since the prints will look horrible. Since the style of these pieces is a bit marble like, I would recommend using glossy paper. 

After you have printed the sheet of artwork, cut each piece out and use a tacky glue like Aleen's tacky glue to glue the pieces onto foam board or card stock. Make sure not to use too much glue for a smooth finish. Then either attach the print to your wall as is or make a frame for it. Since screen resolutions vary the colors are teal and a very dark blue. 


I have added some furniture pieces so that you can see what the artwork would look like in a room setting.

I would love to see the rooms that you put the prints in, so if you are on Instagram or Facebook make sure to tag me.