Japanese Screen

Japanese Style Screen for Miniature Free Download

The Japanese screen is very easy to make. You can use any image you like to make the screen into a lovely accent piece in a modern dollhouse. The sizes given here are for 1/24 scale and need to be doubled if you want it to be 1/12 scale. If you have a Cricut Maker you can upload the files to Design space and scale them to 1/12 scale by dragging the corners to double the measurements. 

Scale comparison

Screen Downloads

I did not include the stairs in the files, since you just need to cut 7 planks each measuring 37x10x2 mm (for 1/24 scale). 

Japanese Art

Once you have an image you like place the three larger pieces over the image and trace the shapes. Then just glue them in place. Experiment with the designs by using Japanese art prints or patterns. There are endless possibilities and it really all depends on what looks nice with your room setting. 

Japanese pattern

This screen attaches to a wall so it does not have a backside. If you want a backside just cut everything except for the stairs twice. For the top, I used sticks that are glued together to act as a shelf. If you prefer a solid plank just measure the opening and cut a piece to size. 

As I mentioned before this is a free download, just add it to your cart so that you can get the files. 

Japanese Room

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