How to make Shoji Screens for a Miniature Diorama or Dollhouse

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Shoji Screens are traditional Japanese architectural design elements that are used to divide rooms with the use of sliding door or paper walls. The most common feature of a Shoji screen is a thick, translucent paper that is stretched over a wooden lattice style frame. The paper lets defused light in, yet offers privacy.

Shoji Screen

The word shoji (障子) originally indicated a tool to obstruct. In its modern usage, shoji is the term used to refer specifically to translucent paper coverings.

Miniature Shoji Screen

Making Shoji screens in miniature settings like the one I made here, is very easy and requires very few items.  For this project you will need the following:

  • Super Glue to glue the frames together and add bulk
  • Zig Glue (Acid-free, xylene-free glue - does not dog up Mylar or damage paper)
  • medium card stock
  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • 4 pieces of bamboo sticks - cut slightly larger than your window panes


You can download the SVG file for the windows and screens for free (just add to cart and check out - you won't be charged)

    Now let's start putting it all together.


    Shoji Japanese Paper Screens by PortraitsbyNC 

    If you end up making the Shoji screen make sure to tag me on Instagram  and Facebook 

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