Chinese Dining Room Set - Miniature Furniture PNG for Cricut

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This Chinese miniature dining set is very easy to make, especially if you have Cricut Maker. You can make the furniture out of 1/16 in thick Bass Wood or heavy cardboard stock. Just upload the provided files and scale them accordingly based on the measurements provided. I mostly use PNG files, but if you prefer SVG you can convert the files for free here

For this project you will need:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Maker Purple or Green Mat (purple for wood or green for card stock)
  • Cricut knife blade (for wood) or regular blade (for cardboard)
  • glue
  • The files provided for free download

Each piece is made individually so that it can be uploaded into design space. Once you have all the pieces uploaded to Cricut design space, create a new design and upload the pieces onto the new design sheet.

The measurements are based on 1/24 scale in mm, just double them for 1/12 scale. You can also drag the corners to get the size you want. 

Here are the measurements again in mm:

For the Table

  • Table Top 45x25x2 mm cut 1
  • Table Side 41x7x2 mm cut 2
  • Table Short side (with legs) 28x25x2 cut 2

For 1 Chair

  • Back of Chair 40x2x2 mm cut 1
  • Front of Chair (with legs) 20x18x2 mm cut 1
  • Seat of Chair 20x20x2 mm cut 1

Chinese Dining room Set

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