Round Straw Pillow for Miniatures 1/12 Scale Dollhouse Furniture

Japanese Design

I have been thinking about what to put into the commissioned Japanese room box that I have been working on and came across round straw pillows while browsing through Instagram.

Japanese interior with straw pad cushions

Straw Cushion Pad


These flat seat pillows are woven with straw and are often used in traditional Japanese homes. Their simplistic design and use of natural fibers give a room a very understated calm look. 

A Japanese household adopts the belief of living with imperfection. This is a concept under Zen philosophy where one must learn to accept the world as it is to avoid disappointment and stress. A hand woven straw pillow will have imperfections and reflect nature in its purity.

I decided to 3D print my seat cushions. The diorama is at 1/24 scale and it was the easiest way to achieve the look of a basket weave. I absolutely love how the cushions turned out. This also gave me the idea to make cushions available at 1/12 scale through my store.

Dollhouse straw poof

In a contemporary looking dollhouse these poofs look stylish and can be used as coffee tables as well. I also accept custom color requests and just need a screenshot of the color you like me to match. 

I also think that the poofs will look great as garden furniture in mini dollhouse garden settings. 

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