Let's Go to The Movies - A 1/12 Scale Miniature Project

What do you think of when you hear "Let's go to the Movies"? In the world of miniatures you can get as creative as you like. I have joined a Dollhouse Miniature Swap Group that has some fun events planned. Members who sign up to participate have to make one item ten times and share it with the group. 

Each item has to be individually bagged and include the maker's name on a tag so that the recipient will know who the maker was.

According to Dan Lee ( event coordinator) Items can include: items needed to make a movie on a set, items that would be found in a theater or a drive-in, items you would set up for a movie night at home with friends, or items you might use to make a home movie (think something sweet like filming a recital or go a little more risqué). Things like popcorn, popcorn machines, arcade games/claw machines, movie posters, candy and concession items, VHS/VCR, DVD, projectors, movie posters, play bills, movie cameras, tripods, camera bags, lighting.

I am starting out this project by just making various things to get my feet wet. I thought a director's chair might be somethings you would find on a movie set. 

These are printed with my PLA machine and then painted with Acrylic paint. 

Unpainted Miniature Directors chair


PLA is a fast way to print but needs clean up before it can be painted.

Directors chair 1/12 scale miniature dollhouse

Here is a side by side comparison to show what can be achieved with paint. I like these chairs to be accent pieces so I think the grey one will be done in a lighter color.

Miniature dollhouse director chair

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