Gardeners Journal - Tips for January


The Chelsea Gardener by Frances Broomfield

 I live in California where it is often much warmer than in other areas of the country, but generally I find January to be a great time to do some maintenance work and plan out what I might do in the upcoming seasons. Here are some ideas...

~ Take inventory of your tools.

1. Rub linseed oil onto wooden handles to make them feel smooth and to prevent splinters.

2. Sharpen the edges of shovels

~ Browse garden catalogs and magazines for new arrivals

1. Order bulbs and seeds

2. Learn about what grows well in your area

~ Plant

1. Bare root trees and shrubs

2. Annuals like pansies, snapdragon, calendulas, foxgloves, Iceland poppies as long as temperature does not drop below 35 Fahrenheit.

3. Bulbs of tulip, crocus and hyacinths for a showy spring scape.

~ Prune

1. Prune deciduous fruit trees

2. Prune Roses