February Garden Tips

Ornamental Grasses Postcard
Ornamental Grasses Postcard
by TZLandscapeDesign


February is a great time to cut back ornamental grasses to ensure that they grow full and pretty during the warmer months. Fertilize your perennial beds. I like to fertilize by using granules that last up to three months. The fertilizer will break down slowly and ensure that your perennials get a goos start.

I also like raking up thick layers of leaves and cutting back anything that looks shabby and dead.

Geranium Serving Tray
Geranium Serving Tray
by artbylmr


Get rid of all old pots and any tools that are no longer up to par. I love to garden, but I can't stand working with bad tools, that are not sharp enough or have loose handles. Toss~

You will see once you declutter your tool shed and buy some new tools you feel accomplished and ready to start working and  beautifying your garden.

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